Sunday, 12 May 2013

Mini-figs 2.0 Teaser

Improved male & female character models.

The Musketeer

The Assasin

The Alchemist

The Temptress



  1. Hey man, awesome sprites. Love the simplicity, but especially how elegant your forms come across in the simplicity. That one line of width on the female template's right leg... I just love how that evokes the feeling of tapered hips so nicely.

    Your scroll-o-sprites is what brought me this way. I wasn't sure what to expect when I clicked on the link to some RL starter graphics, but was pretty blown away when the link finally loaded. Really captures the RL feel. Even though it's simplistic, it's still so much finer than any RL graphics I've seen to date (doomRL, dungeon crawl stone soup, I guess to name a few). Your mockups really capture a playful feel that I've never gotten from most graphical RLs.
    My favourite is the brown overworld mockup. I love the scale; it's really adorable.

    I was wondering if you heard of the artist Arne? I think you might like this pixel art mockup he made. The scale of your mockup reminded me a lot of something he did in a more NES style. The first link is his website, but the second is a link to a forum where he posted the mockups I referred to.

    Looking forward to your new posts.


  2. Post more !!
    I check back almost everyday!
    i love your pixel art!

  3. Your work is awesome man. Best pixel art I've seen.

  4. Those improved models look a bit like my characters (seen on which is pretty weird, since this is the first time i've seen yours.
    Although yours arms are looking much better than mine.

    Anyway, that musketeer looks awesome!
    Looking forward to see more of your work

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  9. Hi, can we use your first "template" do you planned to share a animated version of this ?

    Great work anyway ;)

  10. I love your pixel art man! I'm an aspiring game developer and I'm working on some games if you'd be interested in making art for them! Let me know, thanks!